College Admissions and Test Preparation

Whether you’re looking to raise your son or daughter’s standardized test scores, help them improve their application essay, or just become better all-around writers, I can assist!

SAT and ACT Preparation

College Application Essays

General Writing Instruction


SATs and ACTs:

Personalized one-on-one instruction for all areas of the SAT and ACT: Reading, Grammar Skills, Math and Science

Guidance for the optional essay section of both tests

In-home tutoring, remote “unlimited” monthly coaching options, and free diagnostics and study guides

Almost 18 years’ experience as a tutor and test prep coach!


College Application Essay Assistance:

I can help with all stages of the essay: brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and finalizing.  The end result will be a vibrant, unique personal statement with a story only your son or daughter could have told, in a voice that’s entirely their own.

If you’re looking to improve your personal statements for applications to grad school, business school, or other postsecondary education institutions, we can together for those too!


General Writing Instruction:

Many high school students – students of all grade levels, in fact – can use some guidance and assistance developing a solid writing style, and learning how to “write well” (not good).  Others understand the principles of good writing and are ready to take it to the next level: writing short stories, plays, or even longer pieces.  I can assist students with writing for school, for competitions, or just for fun – even helping them self-publish their work!