Simply put, I’m a guy who loves to write and truly believes that everything begins with the written word.  Written communication skills are critical to running a successful business, to advancing your education, and fostering better relationships with the people and world around us.  It can be a creative outlet or a therapeutic channel.  We’re all storytellers by nature, and we’ve all got something to say.  Writing skills are what make the difference between a story or a message that exists only in your head, and one that’s clearly communicated to an audience that today can reach instantly around the globe.

I’ve been a marketing communications professional for 20 years and an educator for 17+, but I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to put crayons to paper and scrawl out my initials.  Whether you want to write for a living or for fun, you’ve got a book to write or a teenager getting ready for college applications, or you need a hand getting your company’s message out, I can help.

Starting making the written word work for you.  Drop me a line.  Consultations are almost always free, and services can be tailored to fit your budget.  I take pride on friendly, professional, prompt communication with my clients, so you’ll never feel left hanging.